BRAND: E Shave
Shave Cream - Verbena Lime 120g
Voted Best Shave Cream for 2010 by Mens Health Magazine!! Paraben free.

E Shave Creams lather instantly, delivering essential conditioning ingredients to prime the skin of shaving. The rich, thick, warm lather helps soften the hair, open the pores, virtually eliminating shaving irritation for a close, comfortable shave leaving the skin moisturized and silky smooth. The new formula has great lathering properties with a fantastic fluffy feel. Added to the unique fragrances and now Paraben free, eShave shave creams remain at the forefront of the shaving industry, offering a spa-like shaving experience from the comfort of your own home.

How to use
Run your Shaving Brush under warm water and dip it very lightly into your E Shave Cream tub. Since its highly concentrated and warm water activated, use only a small dab of E Shave Cream to generate a rich lather. Lather up the cream directly onto wet skin in an upward motion to keep the hair raised and away from the skin. E Shave Cream coats and protects the skin from the direct contact of the blade, allowing the razor to glide easily when shaving. Should you not have an E Shave Brush, use your fingers and warm water to lather up your E Shave Cream.

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